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The Family Chantel: Chantel Calls Lidia A Scammer — Intense Battle Begins!

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The Family Chantel stars Lidia and Chantel have never been two peas in a pod. The former was even regarded as the villain of the reality TV realm for the role she played in the latter’s marriage. Hence, it was evident that Chantel’s estranged mother-in-law was surely not in her good books after she parted ways with Pedro.

Recently, Chantel decided to call out Lidia for a shocking reason publicly. Fans were surprised to witness her when she called the latter a “scammer.” What did Lidia do to ignite Chantel’s anger?

The Family Chantel: Chantel Calls Lidia A ‘Scammer,’ But Why?

Chantel has been vocal about all the ordeals that she has faced during her marriage. She has called out Pedro because of various things. Well, she isn’t leaving her estranged mother-in-law either. Recently, The Family Chantel celeb ended up calling out Lidia in an interview and made some shocking revelations as well.

Chantel opened up about Lidia and Pedro’s sister, who were learning to speak English. She admitted that this wasn’t a “shock” for her because she knew that these two were simply doing this to “scam” more people. The celeb added, “So what better way to learn the language that will help you to scam an America?.”

During an exclusive conversation with Accesshollywood, Chantel accused Lidia and Nicole of taking advantage of “anyone who they can.” She explained that when the latter are done, they wouldn’t even mind treating the person like “trash.” The Family Chantel star stated the chronology of how her ex’s family initially treated someone really well.

Chantel added that as soon as their work is done, they do everything to “turn” things on you. She concluded, “That’s what Obed [Corporan] has been telling me this entire time.” Hence, the celeb made it clear that she was well aware of Lidia and Nicole’s true intentions behind learning the English language.

The Family Chantel: Lidia Admits Having A Goal Of ‘Marrying An American’

The Family Chantel fans are well aware of how Lidia was initially against Pedro’s relationship with Chantel. But soon, she also ended up being with an American man. The celeb’s storyline was featured in Season 3 of Love In Paradise. It documented how Lidia and Scott faced a major language barrier.

Lidia showed her will to learn English as it is a “universal language.” She explained that two friends of hers recommended her to find an American partner. Hence, she made up her mind to do the same and admitted, “I have a goal of marrying an American, so I won’t stop till I achieve it.”

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However, Lidia and Scott’s relationship was a short-lived one. They had a long list of issues, and the language barrier was one of the most prominent ones. The couple had to either take the help of Nicole or had to use a translator to communicate. So, it was evident that things became really complicated and frustrating because of the same.

Lidia and Scott soon decided to part ways for all the good reasons. They evidently had a chaotic split, making the viewers wonder if the former would now go for another American or not.

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