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90 Day Fiance: Co-stars Slam Mary Over Her Twerking Video – “PROVOCATIVE”

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance fans met Brandan and Mary during Season 5 of The Other Way Spin-off. The couple debuted in the reality TV world with their toxic and childish storyline. They would stay with each other 24×7 over a video call during their long-distance relationship.

Brandan flew from America to be with the Philippines native. However, fans slammed the couple for their manipulative and controlling behavior. Mary even fought with the American star when he sat near a female passenger on the flight.

However, Mary wasn’t ready to stop hanging out with her guy friends because of her partner. Fans have lashed out at the celebrity for her hypocrisy many times. Now it appears that some co-stars trashed the reality TV star again for her provocative video.

90 Day Fiance: Co-Stars Called Out Mary For Her Hypocrisy Again!

Mary and Brandan showcased their toxic traits on 90 Day Fiance. Fans witnessed how the two controlled each other’s lives. They were the least expected couples to walk down the aisle. However, fans were shocked to see them exchanging vows and starting a new life.

The couple also welcomed a baby girl recently after the show. TLC viewers have been annoyed with their controlling and manipulative behavior during the show. Mary never liked Brandan spending time with his girl companions or even his mom and sister. But she has had a different rules for herself always.

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Recently, some co-stars decided to call out the celebrity after seeing a dance video. Mary recently uploaded a video on her social media account. In it, she was twerking seductively while wearing black shorts and a tank top.

90 Day Fiance

Hence, some co-stars decided to slam Mary for her double standards on the 90 Day Fiance Tell All. People recently released a teaser of the upcoming episode. In it, Shekinah pointed out, “It’s not just in a bikini, but she’s like, shaking her ass in a sexual way on camera.”

She went ahead to slam Mary for trying to get a lot of “sexual attention” with her video. Shekina felt that her co-star’s dance was very provocative” before the host, Shaun Robinson, shared the clip on the screen.

Meanwhile, Tim Malcom noted, “She’s shaking her ass on social media but doesn’t want Brandan to do anything.” Further, Danielle jumped to bash the celebrity for the double standards she set for her husband. Kenny, on the other hand, agreed with everyone and said she would not tolerate it if Brandan did the same.

90 Day Fiance: Brandan Rescues Mary After Co-Stars Bash Her For Her Dancing Video!

Mary and Brandan always supported each other’s toxicities because they had the same traits. The former tried to defend herself and said, “It’s a dance like a lot of people do that.” However, Shekinah wasn’t satisfied with her explanation.

She couldn’t understand how she could be that way when she was too controlling towards her husband

. Finally, Brandan jumped to rescue his wife from all the accusations. He felt that she had become more confident since they started dating.


Brandan said, “She has become more confident, I should say, in posting her body online, right?” Further, he explained that Meri might have wanted to match the standard of American girls. He added, “And so she starts doing that, and I see it. I’m supportive of it.”

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