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90 Day Fiance: Here’s Why Fans Think Michael Is In America!

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90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem had been trying hard to bring Michael to America. She was dealing with the paperwork for years, but it didn’t work even during her Last Resort appearance. But viewers were in shock when they saw signs of Michael being in the USA now.

Recently, Angela shared a cryptic post that made the viewers wonder if Angela has finally been successful in bringing Michael to America! Is this true? Is he in the USA? But how?

90 Day Fiance: Is Michael Really In America?

Angela Deem seemed to be determined to make her marriage work when she tore her divorce papers on The Last Resort. But the main issue in her relationship was long distance. The 90 Day Fiance celeb has to use virtual means to stay connected to her beau, which can’t possibly be a long-term solution for her.

Angela has talked about bringing Michael to America and has been doing everything within her capabilities to make it happen. But the latter’s visa had been rejected several times, and Deem wasn’t ready to give up at all. Amid all this, now it seems that perhaps Angela has been successful in bringing her husband to her homeland.

Angela has been posting a lot of pictures and TikToks with Michael on social media. So, it is clear that they are together, but 90 Day Fiance viewers feel that they perhaps are in America. Recently, Deem shared a clip in which she lip-synced lyrics, “Want to kiss you so hard that you will never get the taste of me out of your mouth.” She then gave a quick kiss to Michael.

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Some viewers took to the comment section and shared that Michael probably has been in America these days. A user wrote, “He’s been in the US for a while now.” Another one confirmed the same, “he’s here now a few weeks now.” A fan even claimed, ” I actually knew the day he got his visa in Abidjan.” But on the other hand, many viewers are denying these claims.

90 Day Fiance: Some Fans Think Michael Can Never Come To America!

Some 90 Day Fiance fans are sure that Michael is in America. But others had their own reason to believe the contrary. A viewer explained, “he was rejected because he has a criminal past, so he will never be allowed in the USA.” The noted user added that Angela and his marriage isn’t even “legal,” which would further reduce Michael’s chance of getting to America.

Several fans even stated that Angela had traveled to Nigeria to meet Michael. Even a Reddit thread started and made a shocking revelation. As per the OP, Deem is currently in her husband’s homeland and is doing live sessions on TikTok these days with him.

But there is a fair chance that this move isn’t a permanent one. Angela had admitted in the past that she could never live in Nigeria on a permanent basis. She believes that she is a spoiled American who can’t leave her land. Moreover, the celeb has her kids and grandkids in the USA, and she won’t be able to leave them as well.

So, for now, we are waiting for the stars to confirm about their current location.

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