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90 Day Fiance: Rishi’s Rumored Girlfriend’s FACE REVEALED! Who Is She?


90 Day Fiance star Rishi Singh is currently having a beef with Jen Boecher. They initially tried their best to make everything fall into place and walk down the aisle. But it was evident that they couldn’t and ended up parting ways with each other. However, their split surely wasn’t an easy one!

Recently, Jen exposed Rishi and revealed that he was actually dating a new woman from the cast itself. This made the viewers wonder who this mystery lady was until she decided to step up herself and talk about her dynamics with Rishi! Who is she? Do we know her?

90 Day Fiance: Who Is Rishi’s New Alleged Girlfriend?

Rishi Singh recently made an official announcement about his split with Jen Boecher. The latter evidently didn’t want any kind of limelight and ended up exposing him on social media. She did a live session and revealed that her ex-fiance was already with someone new and was manifesting to return to 90 Day Fiance with his new beau.

Jen also revealed that Rishi’s new woman had been a part of the franchise before as a side character. Since then, fans have wondered who she was until she ended up exposing herself! Viewers were in shock when they saw Dr. April Carter from Love In Paradise commented on Jen’s post.


Dr April Carter wrote, “KEEP MY NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH on your live tonight! Respectfully…You guys have been over, yet you still trying to pull up to Indy.” Not only this, but she also threatened Jen and claimed that she was ready to break her $50K contract and make some shocking revelations if the latter didn’t stop with her posts.

90 Day Fiance fans couldn’t believe their eyes when Jen ended up posting a public apology on her Instagram account. This made it clear that something was surely cooking between April Carter, Jen, and Rishi. However, it was further confirmed when the former ended up posting a lengthy video dedicated to this fuss on her social media account.

90 Day Fiance: Did April Confess Dating Rishi Singh?

April has intentionally jumped into Rishi and Jen’s chaos and started making videos and posts related to it. She shared a long clip in which she answered many questions and tried to clear the air.

April showed her hand and said there was “no ring,” and she was single right now. She added that she had no idea if she would be getting any proposals or if she would be on the show again or not. The 90 Day Fiance star claimed that she would never break her contract just for the sake of the ongoing drama between Rishi and Jen.

Soon, April’s comment section also got flooded with many questions, and she decided to answer some of them. A curious user asked, “So are you dating him is the question.” The celeb was quick to answer, “As of today, I’m single.” April further added, “I’ve never been to India. We are close friends.”

After watching all this, the majority of the viewers believe that perhaps April and Rishi are casually seeing each other these days. There is a fair chance that they are simply dating and are wondering where their bond could take them now. What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments.

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