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90 Day Fiance: Daniele Kicks TLC Crew Out Of Her House After Massive Brawl!

90 Day Fiance

Daniele and Yohan have been showcasing their marital issues for a long time. Fans spotted the pair butting heads over petty issues since the start. They joined the 90 Day Fiance franchise with their problematic relationship and tied the knot.

Fans were never sure that the pair would last longer. Recently, she caught her husband stealing money from her credit card. The pair had a blowout fight, and they decided to split the expensive house. But things went south again when Yohan couldn’t pay the house rent.

He decided to walk out of her apartment after an argument and took her dog with him. However, Daniele decided to kick out the entire filming crew after she failed to keep her dog.

90 Day Fiance: Daniele Throws The Filming Cast Out Of Her House After Explosive Fight With Yohan!

Daniele and Yohan have been a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise for years. The audience is well-versed with their dramatic storyline filled with controversies. They have been featuring their journey in the latest season of The Other Way Spinoffs.

Fans have witnessed the drama in their lives as they struggled to decide to have a baby in the earlier episodes. Recently, they started butting heads over money issues. Daniele always claimed that she doesn’t trust her partner about money. Finally, she found her partner stealing money from her bank account.

However, Daniele got upset to see that he lied straight to her face about the money transactions. Meanwhile, Yohan couldn’t understand why his wife was making such a scene. The American star demanded him to pay half of the house’s expenses from the coming month.

But the 90 Day Fiance pair had an explosive fight again when Yohan refused to pay the house rent. He started packing his bags to leave his wife. Daniele wanted him to take only his stuff rather than the ones she bought for him. So, Yohan called her cheap when she didn’t let him take the hangers.

Finally, Yohan took their dog, Gizmo, with him. Daniele started crying and pleading with him about the matter. He stated, “I’m taking the dog because I bought him. I’m taking Gizmo. I bought him.” He was walking away from the house when Daniele kicked out the entire crew from her home. She screamed, “I want everyone out of my house now! All of you, get out!”

90 Day Fiance: Yohan Calls Daniele Selfish During The Blowout Fight!

90 Day Fiance fans have witnessed the non-stop drama between Yohan and Daniele. However, the latest argument between the couple left everyone shocked. The American wanted her partner to take half of the household responsibilities.

But Yohan wanted a comfortable life with his wife. She insulted her husband by saying that she bought all of his stuff. Daniele tried to stop the Dominican Republic native from taking any stuff she bought for him, including the clothes. Also, she was against her husband for taking the hangers with the clothes.

90 Day Fiance

But Yohan wanted to freak her out by taking everything he wanted, including her New York Yankees hats. He called her selfish and cheap for not allowing him to take the hangers.

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