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90 Day Fiance: Are Ashley & Manuel Married? [SPOILER]

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance stars Ashley and Manuel came into the spotlight for their on-and-off relationship. They met each other in Ecuador ten years ago. However, things didn’t work out between the two, and they broke up. They joined the show to walk down the aisle after getting back together again.

However, new turns and non-stop drama surface every day in their storyline. Manuel visited his American girlfriend without informing his mom. But Ashley’s mom wanted him to be truthful to his family about his relationship.

Finally, he admitted the truth in front of his mom on a video call. But fans are not sure if the couple would make it to the aisle because Ashley was having second thoughts. Now, there are some signs that suggest that the two are already married!

90 Day Fiance: Signs That Suggest Ashley & Manuel Already Exchanged Vows!

Ashley and Manuel have just become a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. They came into the limelight for their weird storyline. Fans found many red flags in their relationship. These include how Ashley wanted her partner to build a bond with her dog.

Manuel made numerous efforts to become friends with her furry friend. However, he didn’t like the dog sleeping with them in their bed. Meanwhile, Manuel came to America without informing his teenage sons about his relationship.

Hence, the American star started having second thoughts if he was really into her. Ashley wanted her boyfriend to inform his sons that she would be their stepmom. Also, fans thought of him as a gold digger and a green card chaser.

Manuel wanted his girlfriend to send $300 every month for his family. Ashley had cold feet, and she took him to a couple’s therapy. But Manuel called the therapist a clown. He insulted even her in front of her family. Her mom and sister wanted her to decide if she wanted to marry him.

Fans have been thinking that Ashley and Manuel wouldn’t make it to the aisle. Recently, an Instagram page @90daythemelanatedway shared a video from the franchise’s tenth anniversary event. Fans could easily spot Ashley and Manuel happily enjoying the event.

Hence, it confirms that the two got married by the end of Season 10. However, we have to wait for the finale to find out how their lives would unfold.

90 Day Fiance: Manuel Tells Ashley That He Has Been Hiding The TRUTH From His Family!

90 Day Fiance star Manuel arrived in America to be with his lady love. However, he told his family that he went somewhere else for a job purpose. His family has been thinking of it as a temporary move. Recently, Manuel told Ashley that he has been hiding from his family about his permanent move to the US.

Ashley was in shock after coming to know about the secret. She said, “I think my first reaction is ‘Why? Why aren’t you saying anything?” Also, she asked him if he was feeling nervous about permanently moving with her.

Finally, Manuel told his mom the truth on a video chat, and she got nervous. She ended the chat by requesting him not to forget his family in Ecuador.

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