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90 Day Fiance: Signs That Say Holly & Wayne Are Not Together Anymore!

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90 Day Fiance

Holly Weeks and Wayne Cornish were the most unpopular pair in the latest season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way spinoff. Their weird and boring storyline failed to turn heads. The former also received immense hate and criticism for her past relationships.

Fans mocked her for her controversial marriage. It ended within 2 months, while her second marriage lasted for only 12 hours. Hence, fans were skeptical about Holly’s future with Wayne and speculated a short romance between the two.

The pair also invited hate for being so open about their intimate life. Cornish proposed to his partner within a few days of meeting her in person. Now it appears that the two are not together anymore. Is that true?

90 Day Fiance: Holly & Wayne Fuel Breakup Rumours!

Holly and Wayne were among the newest additions to 90 Day Fiance. However, they failed to steal the limelight due to the boring chemistry. The pair also blamed TLC for poorly editing their storyline. They feel that the network portrayed their love story in a different way than it actually was.

The pair were planning to walk down the aisle within a week of their engagement. However, Holly didn’t feel safe at her partner’s place due to the constant robberies and power cuts. Still, they exchanged vows after the numerous challenges.

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However, the American star wasn’t comfortable in South Africa and decided to return to her native country. Now, fans have been guessing if they parted ways because Wayne wasn’t happy with Holly’s decision. Recently, the latter shared a video on her Instagram account.

She complied the memories of three years of her life in no particular order. Holly added some moments of her life when her father was alive. 90 Day Fiance fans were sad to hear about her father’s passing and started sending her prayers. They were also quick to ask her if was not in South Africa.

Weeks decided to reveal that she was in the US for a funeral. Meanwhile, Wayne sparked breakup rumors before deleting his Instagram account. The reality TV celeb posted a video revealing that he was done with social media and he was no longer with his partner.

90 Day Fiance: Has Holly Failed Her Third Marriage In A Row?

Holly Weeks has had a controversial past before crossing paths with Wayne Cornish. She grabbed 90 Day Fiance viewer’s attention after she disclosed her two failed marriages. Both of her marriages ended in a short time. Her first marriage lasted only 2 months, while the second ended within just 12 hours!

Now fans are guessing that the American star is maybe single again after failing another marriage. She has been receiving death threats and other hateful messages because of her background. Now, fans will have to wait to see if Holly and Wayne actually parted ways.

Also, it is possible that the couple has kept their actual relationship status under wraps due to their contractual restrictions. Wayne posted content from South Africa before deleting his social media account. Also, the American star hasn’t mentioned her lover in her recent posts.

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