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90 Day Fiance: Kenny Niedermeier Shares Shocking

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance star Kenny Niedermeier rose to fame with his beautiful journey on the show with Armando Rubio. The former often receives love for his looks despite his age. Fans also call him the perfect example of “aged like a fine wine.” They gush over him for being so handsome and poised. Currently, the TLC celeb is in his 60s, and he has no plans to retire soon.

In fact, Kenny and Armando are also ready to welcome their own child through surrogacy. Initially, the former was hesitant because of his age. But now they are all set to move forward for a bright future. Recently, Kenny shared throwback pictures of himself, and he can’t even recognize himself.

90 Day Fiance: Kenny Niedermeier Looks Unbelievably Different In Throwback Picture!

Kenny and Armando have a very special and unique bond in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. The couple was like a breath of fresh air for the audience, unlike all the toxic pairs on the show. They were among the most successful couples despite the 26-year age difference.

Niedermeier receives so much love for looking very youthful, even in his 60s. He was raised in Ohio and moved to Florida to find his true self. Finally, Kenny came to know about his sexuality after going to a gay club when he was 19.

However, his family had a hard time accepting him. Kenneth likes sharing his throwback pictures with his social media fans. Recently, the 90 Day Fiance star shared a throwback picture of himself on Instagram. In it, he was looking much younger and unrecognizable.

90 Day Fiance

Seemingly, the 90 Day Fiance star now looks much younger than his actual age on the TV. But fans were shocked after seeing the picture as Kenny was looking more like a 70’s star. He sported a bluish-grey tuxedo while his date donned a white-tiered dress.

Kenneth’s blonde hair was long and curled from the front. Interestingly, Kenny himself was surprised with his picture from the 10th grade. He wrote, “Oh my gosh! 10th grade homecoming!” Well, fans can clearly see how much he has changed since then and started looking younger.

90 Day Fiance: Kenny & Armando Ask Hannah If She Wants A New Sibling!

Kenny and Armando hardly faced a rough patch during their entire journey on the 90 Day FIance franchise. However, they were in splits when the latter expressed his desire to have their biological child. Well, Kenny was hesitant about the matter, considering his age.

But the pair didn’t give up on each other and communicated well to find a solution. Finally, Niedermeier decided to give it a go for his partner’s happiness. However, they wanted to make sure Hannah was ready for the change first.

Recently, the TLC star reached out to their 10-year-old daughter and asked her opinion. Well, Hannah was clearly not ready to have another baby in the house. But she was okay to have a sibling of her age.

However, she had many insecurities about the new addition to the family. But Armando convinced Hannah that she would always be his number one.

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