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90 Day Fiance: Christian Allgood Already Moved On? Spotted Partying With Another Girl

90 Day Fiance

Christian Allgood is one of the most controversial 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days castmates from the recent seasons. He made his debut in Season 6 beside his British girlfriend, Cleo Corraine. They kept the audience hooked on their tumultuous storyline.

The Minnesota resident downplayed his relationship by talking to other women and was unable to be the ultimate support system for her. Christian is reportedly seeing someone new merely weeks after calling it quits with Cleo. Read further to have another scoop!

90 Day Fiance: Is Christian Seeing Someone New?

Christian Allgood is known for his controversial personality. Well, he said he was in love with his transgender girlfriend, at least in the show. But he was unable to shower her with the love and support she deserved. There were numerous instances on the show wherein the duo walked down a difficult road.

Now, Christian and Cleo have parted ways. He is rumored to have moved on after the clip featuring him close to a woman is surfacing on the internet. The video montage featuring the 90 Day Fiance alum was recently shared on Reddit.

The Redditor added the caption “Christian talking to women when he shouldn’t, yet again” to this upload. The first clip in the montage featured him dancing confidently while looking carefree in a club. While he was cuddling a woman in another clip.

The American native was leaning into the lady in another snippet compiled by the Redditor. Christian Allgood seems way happier and livelier than a man who recently had a breakup should look. Several 90 Day Fiance fans are not happy with his seemingly new relationship.

Some of them rushed to the comments of this Reddit thread to pen their opinions. One of the Redditors opined, “He really thinks he’s the “life of the party”??? LMFAO…🤣🤣🤣.” While other fans used words like ‘weird,’ ‘letch,’ and ‘chaotic’ to describe him.

90 Day Fiance: Here’s What Led To Christian & Cleo’s Breakup!

Christian and Cleo had a chaotic relationship on the show, as he was unsuccessful in loving her for who she was. However, he made up for all his mistakes during Tell All by proposing to her and continuing their relationship.

The 90 Day Fiance couple reunited in the States after the episode, where he introduced her to his family. But things did not end well for Christian and Cleo, as they soon called it quits. She even took to her Instagram account recently to announce their split.

The London-based model disclosed that they are not together anymore. Cleo went on to add that she still loves him, but they took this decision after they were unable to work efficiently in their long-distance relationship. She also requested her followers to respect her privacy.

Do you expect Cleo and Christian to fix their issues again? Has he already rushed into another relationship? Was he faking his emotions for Cleo just for popularity? Mention in the comment section below

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