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90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Gets Cozy With ANOTHER WOMAN After Marrying Liz!

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90 Day Fiance

Noted 90 Day Fiance stars Big Ed and Liz dominated the screens with multiple spin-offs. They began their journey on The Single Life. Later, TLC promoted them to Happily Ever After, and then they ended up solving their relationship issues on The Last Resort. While viewers believed the couple tied the knot and are living their happily ever after, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Big Ed ended up shocking everyone recently by posing with a new woman. In fact, both of them looked too comfortable with each other while striking really close poses. So, who is it? Is Big Ed cheating on Liz publically?

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Spotted Getting Cozy With A New Woman! What About Liz?

Big Ed and Liz became big names from the 90 Day Fiance franchise for all the wrong reasons. The couple began their journey smoothly, but as time passed, fans got to see their toxic side. People wanted them to break up for good. But they proved to everyone that they still could reconcile by starring in The Last Resort.

By the time the season finished, Big Ed and Liz had already started sparking wedding rumors. A leaked invitation from the event revealed the couple wanted to tie the knot by the end of August. They also wanted to move to Arkansas to start afresh. But by the looks of Big Ed’s new Instagram photos, there seems to be trouble in paradise for him and Liz.

It turns out that Big Ed and a bunch of his friends went to watch a Seagulls game. That’s when he mentioned hanging out with his “SD friends.” As he used to live in San Diego before, fans figured out he was hanging out with his buddies from that area. But what caught everyone’s eye was a mystery blonde woman.

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Big Ed and this mystery lady were sitting next to each other. They also got really cozy while posing for the pictures, with the former’s head resting on the latter’s shoulders. This made everyone curious, and they also wondered why Liz Woods was not with her husband during the outing. Big Ed has also refused to comment on the same.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed & Liz Say They Are In A Better Place, Had Fixed Their Relationship

Big Ed and Liz were one such couple on The Last Resort that emerged victorious by the end. They were able to renew their vows and became better for one another. There were several instances where the couple fell weak. It was evident when Big Ed cheated during a trust exercise, and Liz shamed him for his poor skills in the bedroom.

90 Day Fiance

But at last, they understood one another because of the neutral therapists on the show. In their interviews that followed after filming the 90 Day Fiance franchise, Big Ed and Liz appeared happy. They stated how their lives had changed, and they had learned their lessons. The pair looked confident by saying they were much more stable.

However, Big Ed’s latest post with a mystery woman has sent everyone in a fix. Hopefully, they will shed more light on this matter for fans to know for sure what’s up with them.

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