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90 Day Fiance: Amanda Wilhelm Clarifies Her Relationship Timeline With Razvan!

90 Day Fiance

Amanda Wilhelm started her journey on 90 Day Fiance with the Tiktok stripper Razvan Ciocoi. She met her partner on the platform and found him silly and endearing. The American native is a widowed mom of two kids who lost her husband Jason from Ampullary Cancer.

She fell in love with the Romanian star instantly after meeting him and went to see him in person. However, fans started getting confused with their timelines initially and blamed Amanda for dating Razvan while being married to Jason.

Fans even slammed the newbie for dating soon after the passing of her husband. Amanda had been trying to justify her timeline since the start, but the fans are still confused. Now, she is sharing her side of the story to clarify the timeline. What did she say?

90 Day Fiance: Amanda Opens Up About Grief Of Her Husband’s Passing In Latest Post!

Amanda and Razvan’s relationship had been rocky since the start. She wasn’t ready to welcome her partner in her life easily due to her husband’s grief. Eventually, they broke up after finding that they were a mismatched couple.

Recently, Amanda shared an emotional video with her audience about her grief. The 90 Day Fiance celeb made a video out of the pictures from her life with her late husband Jason and kids. She penned down an emotional note pouring out her feelings about the demise of her husband.

The TLC celeb stated that being a widowed single mom was the hardest thing she could have experienced in life. However, Aman went on to explain her dating timeline with Razvan Ciocoi. She wrote, “People say I must not have loved my late husband to have “moved on” so soon.”

But she revealed that she loved her husband so much that Amanda couldn’t face what happened. The mom-of-two explained to her audience that she started getting involved with someone after Jason’s death because she couldn’t deal with it.

Also, she revealed that her children attended grief therapy, and Amanda didn’t. But she believes that grief is a weird thing that makes people do things that they judge you.

However, the 90 Day Fiance cast member feels that people should do things that make them feel better. In the end, she requested her followers to be kind and quit if they hadn’t been there in her shoes.

90 Day Fiance: Amanda’s Sister Spills Her Biggest Secret!

Amanda Wilhelm has been with Romanian boyfriend Razvan Ciocoi in a long-distance relationship. 90 Day Fiance fans thought that the former wasn’t ready for a relationship and she was entering into a rebound.

Recently, The reality TV celeb’s sister Amber revealed some big truths of her life. She stated that her sister had a best friend they were very close. However, Razvan doubted Amanda’s relationship with her best friend, so he became controlling at times.

Amber revealed that the two had been more than best friends as well. But Wilhelm thought it was flirtatious only. Also, Amber explained that her sister used to go and cry with her best friend whenever she fought with Razvan.

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