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1000 Lb Sisters

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Remembers Late Husband On Special Day, Writes A Wholesome Message!

1000 Lb Sisters

Tammy Slaton became a familiar face because of 1000 Lb Sisters. Fans have followed her journey for the last three years, and she has shown tremendous change. At first, she was busy indulging in self-destructive ways. But once she was in a medically induced coma, the star decided to take her health seriously.

She ended up in rehab to get better and also found the love of her life and married him. Tammy and Caleb’s wedding also featured on the show. Well, fans must be aware that the latter is no more in this world. The reality TV star ended up remembering her late husband on a very special occasion. So, what was it?

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Remembers Caleb On Their First Anniversary! Heartbreaking

It has been almost a year since viewers got to see Tammy’s tremendous progress. Not only did she get the weight loss surgery, but she also lost a lot of weight by herself. The 1000 Lb Sisters star also had a splendid love life when she met Caleb Willingham in rehab. After dating for 6 months, they decided to tie the knot.

Tammy and Caleb’s wedding also featured in the last season. Fans had been looking forward to seeing the couple spend their happily ever after together. Alas, that won’t be the case. This year, in June, the former announced with a heavy heart that her husband was no more in this world. He lost his battle with food addiction after relapsing.

1000 Lb Sisters

Well, Tammy ended up missing her husband a lot. She took to her social media to remember a special day. She told 1000 Lb Sisters fans that had Caleb been alive, they would have celebrated their first anniversary together. But the star tried to end the post on a good note by saying at least Tammy was glad to know her partner wasn’t in pain anymore.

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It was indeed a heart-shattering moment for the fanbase. They realized how Tammy and Caleb couldn’t even be together for a year before he passed. Hence, they got rather upset in the comments section. The viewers still tried to send prayers to Tammy and told her to stay strong amidst deep condolences.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Breaks Down During Caleb’s Funeral! Blames TLC

Tammy and Caleb couldn’t be together for long, but the time they spent with each other was quite precious. While they had begun having problems in their marriage, their love still remained strong. Viewers firmly believed the couple had a chance of reconciling with each other, but it was too late, as Caleb passed before that.

In order to remember him, Tammy hosted a funeral at her Kentucky residence. All the near and dear ones joined her at the ceremony along with the 1000 Lb Sisters crew to film the entire thing. Viewers saw Tammy break down during the event through some leaked photos. It was quite disheartening.

1000 Lb Sisters

There were sources who also confirmed Tammy blamed the network for trying to create unnecessary drama at the funeral. It was again appalling for the fans to know, considering what a sorrowful event it was.

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