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7 Little Johnstons Liz Johnston Baby Update: Officially 3 Week Old! 1st Thanksgiving

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7 Little Johnstons has been on air since 2015. Fans love TLC’s family of seven and the wholesome moments they have. Even the Johnstons love their fans and keep sharing daily life updates with them. And this is why the show has so many seasons.

The Johnston kids have grown up in the spotlight. Fans have seen them grow into adults with their own lives and families. And recently. There was a new addition to the family. Liz gave birth to her daughter, Leighton Drew Bolden, on November 3.

Family and friends alike celebrated the arrival of the baby. Ever since then, Liz has been sharing updates about her daughter. The recent update is photos from Leighton Drew’s first Thanksgiving celebration.

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Gives A Peak At Leighton Drew’s First Thanksgiving

Liz Johnston welcomes her first child – daughter Leighton Drew Bolden, on November 3. The new mom announced this news in a joint post with her boyfriend and baby daddy, Brice Bolden. When the 7 Little Johnstons fans heard the news, they were delighted and congratulated the new parents. And since then, Liz has been regularly updating her fans about little Leighton’s life.

Liz shared another ‘first’ from her daughter’s life in her recent life update. Through a joint post with Brice, Liz had posted pictures of the family-of-three’s first Thanksgiving celebration. And the caption was – “Belated Thanksgiving post but, we couldn’t be more thankful for these last 3 weeks with our little Leighton Drew Happy Thanksgiving”.

The photos had the family-of-three smiling at the camera. The 7 Little Johnstons star and her boyfriend Brice sat together while Brice held little Leighton in his arms. It was clear that the pair was thankful for their little bundle of joy and was enjoying the holiday season.

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Clears Rumors With Thanksgiving Photos

Fans clearly enjoyed seeing the photos of baby Leighton that the 7 Little Johnstons were sharing. But a few people noticed that Leighton was at her parents’ house in many of these. In fact, even in the photo that Amber and Trent shared, Liz was in their house. And one more weird thing: Brice wasn’t in these photos.

When Liz first announced her daughter’s birth, she had shared the newborn’s photos. Leighton’s dad, Brice, appeared in a lot of these photos. But in the more recent updates, he wasn’t there. So, the fans worried that these are signs that the pair broke up. They wanted to know if that was Liz was living with Amber and Trent.

7 Little Johnstons

But the Johnston daughter cleared the air and soothed the fans. In her recent Instagram post, Liz updated people about her first Thanksgiving with her daughter. The photos included not just Liz and baby Leighton but also Brice. And the couple looked very happy and in love as they smiled at the camera.

She captioned it, “Belated Thanksgiving post but, we couldn’t be more thankful for these last 3 weeks with our little Leighton Drew Happy Thanksgiving”. This definitely shut down any rumors about the couple being happy and breaking up, and now the fans can also calm down.


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